About the Company

Seedco Group was founded in 2015 as a joint venture between Letofin AS, with over 25 years of experience in trading and delivering their product to more than 20 countries, and Ukrainian Agrarian Holding, with a land bank of 30,000 hectares and storage capacity of 180,000 t. The unique cooperation makes Seedco Group a very strong and reliable company in its field. It is divided into Seedco Estonia – the head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia and is responsible for strategy, marketing, sales and logistics, and Seedco Ukraine – which is responsible for growing and production. The Seedco Group employs about 85 people and is constantly growing.

About The Company

Our Production

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Our Production

Our production unit is located in the Chernihiv region in the northern part of Ukraine. The facility was opened in 2016. Modern technological machinery such as Petkus, Cimbria, Akyürek and Antti helps us make products of highest quality. The total capacity for sale-ready products is 20 000 t per year. The raw material is partially grown on our own fields and partially outsourced via long-terms contracts with the farmers. Growing and harvesting of the raw material is fully controlled by our team of agronomists by providing the sowing material, technology and instructions for in-time application.

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Our Competence

Who we are?

Seedco – the new multinational generation of sunflower seed producers who know how to grow, produce, sell and deliver both confectionery sunflower seeds and bird food products.

Sunflower seeds from scratch right into your reality through sunflower seed knowledge and experience!

Seedco – a Sunflower World A-Team-from scratch to catch!

Our Sunflower Seed Kingdom Team is one where each part of the chain is strong through complementing each other. We understand and highly value cooperation with our clients and among our team members.

Why we exist?

We exist because our passion is birds, their well-being and nature. We as human beings are part of nature and we loooove it! Do not believe me? Check out the picture where our team is hanging on the branches of trees and setting up bird houses with our yummy bird food. Hard to believe that the hard-working, punctual people who work with the most complicated tables, innovative IT systems and documents also know how to have fun. Well… this is how we live, not just exist.

And we do not forget about some snacks for ourselves… building a better future for nature requires some energy… and what could be better than roasted sunflower seeds? Tell us if you know.

What we believe in?

We believe in the power of versatility, being a multinational company and having people on board who bring different valuable professional experiences into our company

We believe that by helping each other and our feathered friends, we become stronger every single day

We believe that abundance is the privilege of the smart and the brave

Our Sales Team – The Fantastic Three

In total, the Seedco team employs more than 85 people and we would really love to tell you the story of each member. Would that be interesting for you? If so, please send us a short e-mail note and we will prepare it for you.