Products for wild and garden birds under private label

Seedco produces wide range of products for wild and garden birds, also winter food and seed mixes. For all bird food products, we offer a full range of packaging options under private label, different sizes of bags and buckets, variety of materials for packaging and transportation units, like carton boxes and displays. Our team is working constructively to offer you as many options as possible and we never forget to think about the ecological aspect, also making it as nature-friendly as possible.

What are the options of packaging materials that we offer?

For bags from 1 kg to 5 kg, we offer transparent polypropylene and polyethylene bags with labels or full color printed bags packed in carton boxes or half carton displays.

For the bags from 5 to 25 kg we offer white paper bags with labels, crafted bags with label or printed design on it, full color printed bags with your design.

Also, we offer polyethylene bags – transparent with label, full color printed, bags made from recycled materials.

Buckets – round or square? Which one you like more? We do both! Sizes from 5 to 7 kg depending on the product.

Polypropylene plastic bags

White paper bags
Paper bags with print

Crafted paper bags

White polypropylene bags

Polyethylene bags
Polyethylene bags with print

Recycled polyethylene bags

Square plastic buckets

Round plastic buckets

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